Google Play's game services are for both Android and iOS

High scores, achievements, online multiplayer modes and cloud saves are coming to both Android and iOS devices courtesy of Google Play's suite of game services.

Already on board are titles such as "World of Goo," "Super Stickman Golf 2," "Osmos," "Eternity Warriors 2," "Kingdom Rush," and "Beach Buggy Blitz," namechecked by the Google dev blog, while other popular titles such as "Save the Puppy" and "Triple Town" are also in on the action.

Gameloft's "Modern Combat 4," "Dungeon Hunter 4" and "Asphalt 7" were not included in Google's initial announcement but are following suit, with "MC4" already updated and the remainder due in a few weeks.

Achievements, social and public leaderboards, and cloud saves work across both Android and iOS.

Multiplayer matchmaking, which leverages users' Google+ social network accounts and associated Google Circles, is restricted to Android devices for the time being.

The suite launches relatively early in the Google Play lifespan, if one doesn't count its pre-2012 incarnation as the Android Market, but joins Apple's established Game Center and Amazon's GameCircle while filling the void left by the November 2012 departure of OpenFeint.cp/kc