From the Croisette: Cindy Pace DePasquale navigates the film market jungle

London-based Cindy Pace DePasquale is an American journalist who is now a producer at Castlefranco Films. This isĀ  the sixth year that Cindy has attended the Cannes Film Festival.

Is there a specific reason behind your trip to Cannes this yearI'm looking for financing for an independent film that I want to do. So we're meeting with professionals about coproductions and getting more networking opportunities to meet more financers.What do you expect from the 66th Cannes film festival?I don't know what to expect this week. I really don't. I never do when I come here. There always seems to be something happening. You just have to deal with it. You know you expect the best and hopefully the weather will stay nice [laughs]. It'll be good if we just network and meet people for financing our independent film. That's the objective.What is your best memory of the festival?I think the year when I met Dustin Hoffman who I had interviewed before. And I ran into him on the street! He remembered me and gave me his information, told me I can call him in London [laughs]. I think there's a real accessibility here in Cannes. It's very easy to access people that you wouldn't normally access in other places, at other film festivals.jcvh/ls