Art pick of the week: The Wondrous

Our look at eye-catching art sites and apps from around the web and around the world.

This week we take a look at The Wondrous, a website that professes interest in "the wonderful, weird & strange things of our world" with a demonstrable preference for visual arts, whether they be photographic, sculptural, or digital in nature.

Recent updates from have included animal sounds rendered as kaleidoscopic images; a selection of Richard Silver's tilt shift photographs, which make world-famous destinations such as Copacabana Beach, Peru's Machu Picchu, Hawaii's Waikiki Beach -- even the Hagia Sofia and Easter Island heads -- seem like miniature works of art.

Only slightly further into the archives there's an introduction to the work of Korean sculptural artist Hyungkoo Lee, who creates skeletons of famous cartoon animals, and an investigation of the phenomenon known as 'Levitation Photography.'