Top iPad apps: Angry Birds Friends

The application Angry Birds Friends has topped the free app downloads charts around the world over the past week as players take it in turn to destroy the evil piggies. Details of this and other top free iPad applications by country for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on May 7, can be found below. 

01.USA Angry Birds Friends (games) This free installment in the Angry Birds franchise lets users challenge their Facebook friends to games of Angry Birds to see who really is the best at beating the egg stealing pigs.

02.UK Angry Birds Friends (games) See ‘Angry Birds Friends'

03.France Text Editor & PDF Creator (utilities) Billed as a "document manager solution" this application enables users to convert documents in programs such as iWorks or Office to PDF and download/export files from mobile device to PC/Mac and vice-a-versa.

04.Canada Angry Birds Friends (games) See ‘Angry Birds Friends'

05.Japan ‘Star Chart' (education) Translated in English as ‘Star Chart' this educational app teaches users about what constellations should be visible from where they are located, showing maps of the stars on the screen of the mobile device.  

06.Australia Lego Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles (games) This fun application transports players into the Star Wars Universe where, playing as virtual Lego incarnations of Jedi Knights they must battle to bring peace to the universe.

07.Germany From Cheese (games) Play as mice on the hunt for their favorite dairy product in this fun game, but watch out for cats and mouse traps.

08.China ‘Encyclopedia of Online Shopping' (business) Translated into English as ‘Encyclopedia of Online Shopping' this application serves as a browser specially optimized for shopping on China's numerous e-commerce sites.

09.Italy From Cheese (games) See ‘From Cheese'

10.  Korea ‘The Legend Of The Colossus' (games) Translated into English as ‘The Legend Of The Colossus' this fun application essentially serves as a cross between a city-building game and a business simulator.