Twitter index: Bieber fans aim to get 'Baby' to one billion

On Friday, May 10, fans of Justin Bieber are taking to Twitter in an attempt to get his video "Baby" to reach one billion views. 

Justin Bieber's 2010 hit single "Baby" was, for a long time, the most viewed video on YouTube. However, recently Psy's massive hit single "Gangnam Style" smashed YouTube records, reaching in excess of one billion views.

Today fans of Bieber are taking to Twitter in a bid to encourage others to watch "Baby" in order to get the video to one billion views. Bieber's fan base, known for their almost fanatical devotion to the star, have quickly made "#BabyTo1Billion" the second most popular trending topic around the world on Twitter.

At the time of writing the view count for "Baby" stands in excess of 856 million views. Watch the video for "Baby":

Elsewhere on the microblogging site users are talking about Mother's Day, which takes place in North America, parts of South America, parts of Europe and some territories in Asia on Sunday, May 12.

Twitter users are talking about how they will treat their mothers on Sunday under the hashtags  "Happy Mother's Day" and today's number one trending topic "#MyMomAndMe."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on May 10 at 1:00 pm GMT are:  

01.    #MyMomAndMe02.    #BabyTo1Billion03.    #MaduroRevolucionLatinoamericana04.    #SMAccessoriesxAvicii05.    #rechingasatumadreepn06.    Türkislam NeferleriTakiplesiyor07.    Héctor Barberá08.    Happy Mother's Day09.    Bangladesh10.    Feliz Viernestb/kc