Upcoming video game releases: 'Metro: Last Light', 'Dust 514'

Find hope among the gloom of post-apocalyptic world-saver "Metro: Last Light" and see PS3 and PC players join forces in "Dust 514," while "Anomaly 2" prepares to let players test their mettle against alien invaders and each other.

Metro: Last Light (360 PS3 Win)North America: May 14European regions: May 17

Immerse yourself in the underground network of tunnels burrowing beneath post-apocalyptic Moscow, fending off the threat of mutated beasts and militarized human factions. Previous title "Metro 2033" earned a reputation for impressive graphics, solid action and some real scares so fans will expect the same of this.Price: $59 / €59 / £39 / AU$89On PC: $49 / €49 / £35 / R$85 / AU$69enterthemetro.com

Dust 514 (PS3)May 14

A free first-person shooter that ties in with the PC's formidable galactic trade game "EVE Online," with "Dust 514" players engaged in a mercenary struggle for control of individual planets.Price: Free with optional microtransactionsdust514.com

Anomaly 2 (Win Mac Lin via download)May 15

It's the future: our world has been overrun by a hostile alien force. Lead a band of technologically advanced resistance fighters in this engrossing twist on the popular Tower Defense genre, one that's populated by "Plants vs. Zombies" and "Defense Grid: The Awakening."Price: $14.99 (or 2 for 1 pre-order via 11 Bit Studios website)11bitstudios.com

Resident Evil: Revelations (360 PC PS3 WiiU) North America: May 21Japan, Australia: May 23Europe: May 24

First floated as exclusive to the small-screened, portable 3DS, the SS Queen Zenobia's infected hulk arrives on consoles and series stalwarts Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are dispatched to deal with it. Let's hope for a solid job that retains Resident Evil's scares despite the challenges of a portable to console transfer.Price: $49 / €49 / £39 / AU$59 / ¥4,990; less on PCresidentevil.com/revelations

Wargame: AirLand Battle (Win)May 22

Eugen Systems is carving out a nice little niche for itself, following the WWII battlefield strategy of "RUSE" with "Wargame: European Escalation" and this direct sequel pitches 1985 as its starting point for exquisitely detailed maps, military vehicles, and modern-era jets.Price: $39 / €39 / £29 / R$69 / AU$39wargame-ab.com

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Win) May 22

Fans of mythic monsters should check this out as "King Arthur: The Role Playing Game" developer NeoCore pulls from vampire tradition to produce an action game in the style of "Diablo," "Titan Quest" and more recent mobile hit "The Bard's Tale." An Xbox 360 version is expected to follow.neocoregames.comcp/kc