'Saints Row IV' trailer has dubstep gun, Matrix powers

Things have jumped up a notch in "Saints Row IV" -- the Saints' benevolent gang leader is now president of the USA and likes to greet his citizens with a melange of wrestling moves before making them bounce with a dubstep ray.

As senior producer Jim Boone explains in the PAX East demo trailer, released after private showings at the March Massachusetts convention, the city of Steelport makes a return too, but this time it's a virtual reality version.

New, too, is an invading alien race of malevolent shapeshifters, who had to be "sufficiently powerful to challenge the player with all their super powers."

Super powers? That's right. "Saints Row IV," it would seem, is no longer content to riff on or parody the "Grand Theft Auto" series -- now it has to out-do each of its own previous outings.

So expect to see your fully customizable President sprinting through the streets at light speed, wielding telekenetic powers, freezing enemies and vehicles, jumping into robot mechs, and facing off against hulking alien beasts come the week of August 20, when "Saints Row IV" launches on Xbox 360, Windows PC and PlayStation 3.

"Saints Row IV" - PAX Demo (U.S. Version) with producer commentary: youtu.be/lz8EDvU7pJc"Saints Row IV" - Meet the President trailer (Official U.S. Version): youtu.be/tzKr5zyzplE