Hotwire launches airfare alert service

Discount travel site has launched a new website that will alert travelers when airfare prices for their destinations drop.

What started out as a secondary tool on its website for users looking to monitor bargain travel deals has been expanded to become an independent website.

After inputtting trip details -- dates, destinations, preferred airlines and and airports -- will send users real-time alerts for airfare prices that depart from the US.

To use, subscribers must connect through Facebook or Twitter as fares and alerts are sent to users through social media networks as soon as the price drops.

The new website is meant to rival similar services such as, which likewise sends subscribers the lowest airfares available for their desired destinations.

For flexible travelers, the site also offers a list of top 50 bargain-basement airfares everyday.

Similarly, Kayak, Yapta and Skyscanner also provide fare alert services.