Relaxnews app selection: eat where chefs eat, keep up with Cannes

This month keep up-to-date with all the goings on at the Cannes Film Festival via the official iOS/Android app, and indulge your foodie side by eating at the restaurants that the chefs eat at with Where Chefs Eat on iOS. Discover these and many more with this selection of some of the coolest, most interesting and downright fun recent applications for iOS and Android devices.

Eat where the professionals eat Where Chefs Eat - A Guide To Chefs' Favourite Restaurants (food & drink) A perfect app for globetrotting foodies, Where Chefs Eat catalogues the favorite eating spots of 400 of the world's top chefs. Users can browse for chefs' top choice restaurants by location, price and cusine and then see then results displayed on a map complete with in-depth information about the restaurant. $14.99 : iOS

Relive a game from your childhood, or  experience it for the first time Oregon Trail : American Settler (game) After having originally been conceived as an educational game, The Oregon Trail first appeared back on  computers in the early 1980s where it quickly became enormously popular. Now, after a few re-incarnations on iOS and Android, the popular game is back with the latest edition Oregon Trail: American Settler, the story line of which sees the family having now completed the Oregon Trail and now settling down in the new frontier. Free: iOS  / Android

Photo filters from A Beautiful Mess A Beautiful Mess (photo & video) Created by the people behind the popular DIY site A Beautiful Mess, this fun photo application enables users to apply a variety of filters to their photos and then share them with friends via social networks, including Instagram. $0.99 : iOS

Keep up with the stars at Cannes Festival De Cannes (News) This application is the official app for this year's Cannes Film Festival, one of the most important film festivals in the calendar year. The app provides users with articles, photos, videos and newsflashes from the star-studded event in Southern France. Free : iOS  / Android

Dramatic, multiplayer, first person shooter action Blitz Brigade (games) Blitz Brigade is a fast-paced FPS that pits up to 12 players against each other in what is described as "the ultimate FPS showdown." Players can choose from one of five classes of soldier, including sniper, gunner and medic as they battle for control of the field. Free: iOS  / Android

Perhaps the hardest game ever? Hardest Game Ever 2 (games) This application has been topping free download charts in Apple's app store around the world for several weeks, and it is easy to see why it is so popular. The game, the sequel to The Hardest Game Ever, tests users' reflexes and reactions in a series of challenges spread across 24 levels . Free: iOS  / Android

Do you drink enough water? Can you be sure? Idrated Hydration Monitor (Health & Fitness) This useful application helps users make sure that they are drinking that most essential of drinks -- water. Users of the app simply swipe the screen each time they have a drink and the app tracks how close they are to reaching the day's recommended water allowance based on their sex and target goals. $0.99: iOS

Create a visual diary of your life with this brand new app Days (photo & video) Days is a brand new photo application that enables users to document their lives with time-stamped photos that are automatically grouped together over the 24-hour-period in which they were taken. The app also allows users to transform selections of their photos into gifs and includes unlimited free uploads. Free: iOS