Google+ trends: 'Star Trek,' Google I/O

On Friday, May 17, Google+ users are talking about the latest Star Trek film, "Star Trek Into Darkness" and Google's ongoing developer conference -- Google I/O. 

The latest Star Trek film, "Star Trek Into Darkness" was directed by JJ Abrams and stars actor Chris Pine as Captain Kirk. The film hit cinemas in the USA and other territories on May 16, causing many Google+ users to take to the social network to share their opinions on the film. Google+ user Gary Stone was impressed with the film, sharing his opinions in a long post in which he stated "Somehow JJ Abrams has made this rebooted crew of the Enterprise portray the original characters better than the original actors [...]"; Dusty Reichwein was also impressed with the film, writing, "Just got back from seeing Star Trek Into Darkness. I liked it and thought it was a lot better than the previous movie"; and Snake Plissken wrote "Just watched the new Star Trek movie and was greatly rewarded. I've never considered myself a treky, but I totally geeked out!"

Elsewhere on Google+, users of the social network are discussing all the latest news to come out of this year's Google developer conference, Google I/O, which this year runs May 14-17 in San Francisco. The conference accounts for four of Friday's trending topics: "#AutoAwesome," which refers to a new feature in Google+ that enables users to make GIFs, "San Francisco", the location of the conference, "Google Inc" and "#Bowstring." The last one is a reference to an ‘operation' conducted in Google's MMO augmented reality game Ingress, which divides players around the world into two teams, the Enlightened and the Resistance; the operation, and the subsequent win for The Enlightened, were discussed at Google I/O.

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on May 17 at 9:00 AM GMT are:

01.   #AutoAwesome02.   San Francisco03.   Google Inc04.   Star Trek: Into Darkness05.   #Bowstring