Tom Bachik from Cannes - 'nails are the it accessory right now'

L'Oréal Paris global nail artist Tom Bachik is in Cannes for the famous film festival. We caught up with the former graphic artist and skater turned nail art magician to the stars. 

Cannes celebrity red carpet looks  

"Because it's red carpet we're keeping things very classic, chic and elegant." According to Bachik this means plenty of "full coverage nudes" this year. 

The next big nail art trends 

"I think that nail art is going to stay -- I feel like it's part of the culture now, especially in the States, and it's growing very fast now in Europe," says Bachik. "Nails right now are the ‘it' accessory -- before it was about the handbag or the belt; now it's about the nails and how they complete the overall look of the outfit."

"The reason it's exploded and is growing so fast is because it's very personal, we've got our gown and dress and hair and makeup, but with nails it's like an extension of our own personality and we can put our own little touch on it with a little bit of nail art and really show off who we are."

Feature nails & 3D designs

Feature nails are another new trend according to Tom. Start by "doing one or two nails but with cool placements like the ring finger or the thumb, or the ring finger and the middle finger on one hand, and the ring finger on the other hand -- getting kinda artsy and cool with it."

Following on from that, "3D nail art with chains and rhinestones and things like that seems to be the next wave," he adds: "People are really having fun with it, but obviously it takes a lot of time to have somebody do it." For those without the time, 3D nail art stickers are another big trend as they're a little less fussy: "I find if the nail art is too big, people just want to pick it off and play with it."

Looking after nails during busy times

"Apply a thin layer of topcoat" to your nails to deal with all the abuse at hectic events like Cannes, says Bachik. "By adding a fresh layer of topcoat every couple of days you bring them back to that new state, you bring the shine back, and you add an extra layer of protection which keeps them looking fresh for much longer."

Remember: your hands are just as important as your nails. "The most important thing is to use a great moisturizer, a good cuticle and hand cream. I think great nails are also supported by great skin around the nail -- if you have a beautiful polish but your cuticles are dry and cracked, then it makes the nails look less pretty."