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Cannes buzz: Psy not really Psy


According to reports, the crowd at Cannes has been fooled by a man posing as Korean artist Psy, who has been using his falsely acquired celebrity status to live it up on the Croisette. 

Numerous party goers were apparently taken in by the impersonator with many sharing news and images of their meeting with the artist behind "Gangnam Style" on Twitter.

Actress Naomi Harris was among those taken in, tweeting from her verified account (@NaomiHarris), "Me and @psy_oppa at the @Chopard party in #Cannes!! Xx" followed by a picture of herself and the impersonator that can be viewed at Later, after news of the impersonator broke, Naomi Harris took to her account to tweet, "It looks as if we've been fooled, that wasn't the real @psy_oppa! Could anyone else tell from the picture? Or am I just going crazy!? Haha!" Photographer Dylan Don posted an image on Instagram of the fake Psy at a party:

Psy himself, the real one (@psy_oppa), seemed to take it all in stride, tweeting, "seems like there's another ME at cannes...say Hi to him @scooterbraun lol #PSYinSINGAPORE."

The news of the fake Psy is causing a buzz on Twitter after microbloggers began posting news articles of the event.

According to reports in the French newspaper La Montagne, the lookalike is Dennis Carré, a resident of Clermont-Ferrand.tb/kc