Trailer: Vince Vaughn is father to 533 kids in 'Starbuck' remake

The first trailer has been released for "Delivery Man," Hollywood's take on the 2011 hit Canadian comedy "Starbuck."

This first teaser lays out the premise: an immature guy discovers, to his astonishment, that the sperm he donated back in 1991 has spawned 533 offspring. In "Delivery Man," Vince Vaughn will reprise the comic role played by Patrick Huard in the original "Starbuck," and Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt will co-star.

But there'll be no musical chairs for the director's seat: Ken Scott himself will be handling the Hollywood remake, due out November 22 in North America.

Not only that, this uncommonly successful story has also spawned a French adaptation. José Garcia will be starring in and Isabelle Doval directing "Fonzy," slated for theatrical release in France on October 30.

Catch a sneak peek at "Delivery Man":