Steven Soderbergh moves from film to TV

The US director has decided to take a break from the silver screen for a stint in television. Soderbergh is going to direct and produce a medical mini-series starring Clive Owen, reveals

"The Knick," a period drama set in downtown New York in 1900, follows the medical staff of Knickerbocker Hospital as they push the boundaries of clinical medicine at a time of very high mortality rates -- before the discovery of antibiotics.

Cinemax, a cable and satellite TV network operated by Time Warner subsidiary HBO, which has already committed to renewing Alan Ball's latest drama series, "Banshee," will air the ten episodes of "The Knick" commissioned to date. Steven Soderbergh will direct the whole season -- unlike most Hollywood directors, who generally confine themselves to making the pilot only.

British actor Clive Owen will star and back Soderbergh up on the production end, too.

Meanwhile, Soderbergh's "Behind the Candelabra," starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, is in the running for the Grand Prix at Cannes. This biopic about Liberace will be aired this Sunday, May 26, for HBO subscribers.