Survey reveals that UK residents admit they behave badly abroad

It seems UK holidaymakers are the first to call themselves out when it comes to their own behavior abroad.

According to a poll carried out by British travel association ABTA, 65 percent of UK holidaymakers are unwilling to learn the local language while more than half, or 55 percent, said they consider the UK holidaymaker to be guilty of raucous, drunken behavior.

This was particularly true for respondents in Northern Ireland, 53 percent of whom described themselves as rowdy rabble-rousers, compared to the overall average of 27 percent.

Furthermore, about 38 percent criticized travelers from the UK for dressing badly while on holiday.

Their only redeeming qualities, meanwhile? One-third of respondents said they consider themselves to be polite, while 42 percent like to themselves as friendly ambassadors for their country when traveling abroad.

Survey results were based on a nationally representative sampling of respondents.