Australia, Sweden, and Canada are the 'happiest' countries

For the third consecutive year, Australia has won the title of world's happiest industralized country, followed by Sweden and Canada.

Australia earned top honors thanks to the strength of its economy as well as health, safety and housing standards, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developmentā€™s new Better Life Index. The survey of 30 countries also looked at issues such as work-life balance, community, and life satisfaction.

The world's happiest countries according to the survery are:

1. Australia2. Sweden3. Canada4. Norway5. Switzerland6. United States7. Denmark8. The Netherlands9. Iceland10. United Kingdom

Countries faring less well on the happiness scale include Turkey, Mexico and Chile.

Last year, the United Nations unveiled the first-ever World Happiness Report, which pegged Northern European countries, including Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland, as among the happiest in the world.