Google+ trends: Xbox One buzz continues

On Tuesday, May 28, Google+ users are once again discussing Microsoft's next gen console, the Xbox One, and creating GIFs using Auto Awesome.

The Xbox One caused a huge buzz on Google+ when it was first launched and continues to cause a buzz on the social network as more and more details regarding, and professional reviews of, the console appear online.

Elsewhere on Google+ the DIY store Home Depot tops the trends after many Americans took advantage of the national US holiday on Monday, May 27, to visit the store and undertake various DIY projects. Once again Google+ users are excited about the new photo editing tool in Google+, "Auto Awesome," which enables users of the social network to, among other things, create GIFs using their photos. On the topic of photos, Google+ users are also using Tuesday as an excuse to share pictures of trees using the hashtag "#TreeTuesday."

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on May 28 at 8:00 AM GMT are:01.  Home Depot02.  #AutoAwesome03. Google Inc04. #TreeTuesday05. Xbox Onetb/kc