Salsa singer Santa Rosa wants to increase diabetes awareness among Hispanics

New York, Mar 5 (EFE).- Salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa acts as spokesman for the educational campaign "Todo Diabetico Cuenta" (Every Diabetic Counts), which seeks to inform and raise awareness about an illness that affects a disproportionate number of Latinos.

"The biggest complication of this illness is misinformation. The purpose of the campaign is to inform people about the condition and how to improve their quality of life. People like me need that information," the singer, who has the disease, told Efe.

"We artists get too much in life and when someone knocks on the door, the artist has to be a conscientious human being and give a quick response. Everything I've supported is related to me, so if it has something to do with me, then I feel committed," the salsa star, whose mother was also diabetic, said.

The performer, diagnosed with diabetes eight years ago, said he was a witness "of the devastation the disease caused" to his mother, who died four years ago.

The campaign, a project of the U.S. Department of Health, kicked off six years ago, but on Monday it was launched for the first time to inform the Hispanic community, particularly the elderly.