Paulina Rubio and "Colate" reach divorce agreement

New York, Mar 6 (EFE).- Mexican singer Paulina Rubio and her ex-husband Nicolas "Colate" Vallejo Najera have arrived at an agreement that will put an end to the legal battle over their divorce and the custody of their child, Andrea Nicolas, People en Español reported Wednesday on its Web page.

The magazine also said that the former couple agreed to share custody of their son and that Colate agreed to pay Rubio $243,000 over three years instead of the $1 million she had been demanding as alimony.

Colate's lawyers had recommended to him that he accept the singer's proposal to pay her $6,750 per month, the magazine said, adding that the agreement is said to have been reached on Monday after more than a year of wrangling in Miami-Dade County's Family Court.

In mid-February, the Spanish businessman denied media reports that he had asked the singer for $5 million in exchange for giving up custody of his son.

"I didn't ask Paulina for five million. My son doesn't have a price and is not a bargaining chip," Colate told the Spanish magazine Vanitatis, People en Español said.

The magazine emphasized on its Web site that Rubio did not want to make any statement about the divorce proceedings during a recent event in Mexico.

The singer's response when asked about the subject was that time "is the only thing that has to pass (for you) to realize your projects, your relationships, and I think that we women are much better than (men) are because we're more loyal; we have the virtue of seeing things with greater clarity than they do."

Rubio and Colate married on April 30, 2007, in Mexico.