Spanish king leaves hospital 6 days after back hernia operation

Madrid, Mar 9 (EFE).- Spanish King Juan Carlos left the hospital where he underwent a back hernia operation six days ago and will continue his rehabilitation at the Zarzuela Palace, his official residence.

The head of state told reporters Saturday upon departing La Milagrosa Hospital in this capital that "thank God, I'm very well. My back doesn't hurt or anything."

The king had previously bid farewell to the neurosurgeon who performed the operation, Dr. Manuel de la Torre, and the rest of the medical team and administrative staff that attended to him.

Juan Carlos still must undergo rehabilitation for up to six months and will not travel during that time, although he is scheduled to resume his duties at the Zarzuela Palace.

He was hospitalized last Sunday and underwent a three-hour operation under general anesthesia for herniated discs in the lumbosacral region of his spine.