Cervantes Institute launches pioneering fundraising event

New York, Mar 10 (EFE).- The Cervantes Institute in New York this week is beginning a series of events focused on wine and oenology to collect funds in a pioneering initiative to compensate for the reduction in government funding.

The concept is being broadly applied in the United States, where non-profit cultural entities and institutions - from public schools to foundations - are resorting to all sorts of initiatives to obtain funds to augment public financing.

In the United States, moreover, the contributions to these types of institutions can be tax deductible, a situation that greatly encourages citizens and companies to support the entities or projects that most interest them.

The Cervantes Institute has had a "significant reduction" in its budget and "we have to change our way of operating" to get funding by non-traditional methods, the director of the New York center, Javier Rioyo, told Efe.

The four days of events this coming week will all focus on wine and wine production.

Starting on Monday, Carlos Moro, the president of the Matarromera wine-producing group, from Ribera del Duero, will host a wine tasting and give a talk about the relationship between culture and wine.

The Institute's New York center, inaugurated in 2003, has more than 3,000 students of Spanish and about 20 professors, and - from its headquarters in Manhattan - it is expanding its activities to other neighborhoods in the Big Apple.