FAA gives Boeing green light to fix Dreamliner batteries

Washington, Mar 13 (EFE).- The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has approved Boeing's plan for testing a redesigned battery system for its 787 Dreamliner jets, which have been grounded since mid-January.

"The certification plan is the first step in the process to evaluate the 787's return to flight and requires Boeing to conduct extensive testing and analysis to demonstrate compliance with the applicable safety regulations and special conditions," the FAA said in a statement.

The redesigned battery system features safeguards in the event of overheating problems such as those that affected flights operated by Japanese airlines All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines at the start of the year.

Boeing now must conduct a series of tests to evaluate the design modifications, a process to be closely monitored by FAA engineers, the FAA said.

The upgrades include better insulation for cells within the batteries that power the Dreamliner, a high-end product that is Boeing's answer to the Airbus A380.