Madrid has blockbuster Olympic plans, organizing committee chief says

Madrid, Mar 13 (EFE).- The Madrid 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee has "a blockbuster project" for the Games that would leave "the best legacy for the city, the country and the Olympic movement," the body's chief, Spanish Olympic Committee president Alejandro Blanco, told Efe.

The organizing committee cannot wait to make its presentation to the International Olympic Committee, or IOC, evaluation team because it feels "like a student who is well prepared" for a test, Blanco said during a visit to Agencia EFE's headquarters.

The Madrid 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee will welcome the IOC to the Spanish capital next week.

The Olympic organizing effort in Madrid has received strong and broad support from residents, the government and the Crown, Blanco said.

"Both at the sports and organizational levels, we have gone all out for the Games. We believe in the Olympic Games, we need them and I believe that the best legacy will be in Madrid, not just for the city and for the country, but also for the Olympic Movement, and we have truly impactful levels of popular support, with 84 percent in Madrid and 77 percent outside Madrid," Blanco said.

Madrid is competing with Tokyo and Istanbul for the honor of hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics and the Paralympic Games.

The evaluation committee is scheduled to visit Madrid March 18-21 and Istanbul March 24-27.

The host city for the 2020 Summer Games will be announced in Buenos Aires on Sept. 7.