Spain maintains dominance of FIFA world ranking list

Madrid, Mar 14 (EFE).- Spain's national soccer team is maintaining its clear dominance on the FIFA world ranking list for March, where there have been scarcely any changes among the relative positions of countries in the top 10 except for the fact that Colombia has shifted up into sixth place after breaking out of the point equality it had with Portugal, which now occupies the seventh slot.

Spain has 1610 points, 137 more than second-place Germany. Argentina also remained in third place with 1309 points, followed by England, which with 1309 points is maintaining the No. 4 position it acquired in February after defeating Brazil.

Italy continues in fifth place with 1173 points, followed by Colombia with 1159 and Portugal with 1133. In February, both the latter teams had been tied with 1129 points each.

Meanwhile, among other Ibero-American teams in the top 20, Ecuador is in 11th place with 1037 points, Mexico is in 15th with 995, immediately followed by Uruguay with 950, and Brazil is in 18th place with 908 points.

FIFA confirmed on Thursday that in preparing the classification list for March it took into account the results of 18 international matches, 15 of them for the classification phase of the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup in the Maldives, where the main changes occurred in the lower portion of the list.

Afghanistan, for instance, enjoyed the greatest upward elevator ride among the countries on the list, now standing at 151 points and jumping 48 places to the 141st slot, its best position in history and with its classification assured for that tourney.

Another team that is experiencing great improvement is India, which has climbed 24 spots to 143rd place, although its classification is still not assured.

So far this year, a total of 155 matches have been played, FIFA said.