Albert Adria gives nikkei cuisine a twist at his Pakta restaurant

Madrid, Mar 18 (EFE).- Albert Adria, the creative spirit of elBulli together with his brother Ferran, is not letting up on his gastronomic projects. After Tickets and 41 Degrees, he now offers the Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine known as nikkei at his new Pakta restaurant, but in a way that bears his own personal stamp.

The establishment, very close to the other two he has in Barcelona, is decorated to reflect this unique culinary style.

In describing the menu, the renowned chef noted in an interview with Efe "the sequence of different kinds of causa (savory Peruvian potato dumplings) and nigiri sushi, all eaten with two fingers," to which he has imparted his own ideas "to do something different."

Pakta also offers chicken chili, ceviche, raw-fish "tiradito" strips similar to sashimi, a black cod dish - "our version of the famous creation by (chef) Nobu," he said - and desserts like Japanese mochi and Lima-style "picaron" donuts "with something of a new twist."

"We maintain the basic flavor, but with a special touch of our own," the ex-chef and pastrycook of elBulli said, adding that he is now trying out his culinary creations in a series of tasting sessions and that he and his staff will continue working on the menu: "We've got a lot of work ahead of us, but we're hopeful."

Though it bears his stamp, this project is totally different from his other restaurants.

"Each establishment, though founded by the same group of people, must have its own personality; you don't just take an oyster and say now I'll make it Spanish style or Japanese style or Mexican style."

The average price per person is 100 euros ($129). "Making it cheaper is hard because the product is expensive, the place is small and we have 15 people working here," he said.