Thieves steal dinosaur statue from Australian museum

Sydney, Mar 24 (EFE).- Police are looking Sunday for the thieves who stole a dinosaur statue that is 1.6 meters (about five feet) tall and three meters (nearly 10 feet) long from a museum in Canberra, Australia's capital, media reports said.

"It is quite heavy and awkward, it would require more than one person to carry it, and it wouldn't fit in an ordinary sedan," National Dinosaur Museum at Gold Creek spokesman Ben Wardle told ABC radio.

The fiberglass statue of a Utahraptor, a ferocious predator, was stolen on Thursday night.

"We'd left a couple of the life-like fiberglass dinosaurs unsecured overnight, and in the morning we discovered that one was missing," Wardle said.

The statue is valued at A$2,400 (US$2,506), the museum said.