Pope Francis holds his first public audience

Vatican City, Mar 27 (EFE).- Pope Francis entered St. Peter's Square here in the popemobile on Wednesday to hold the first public audience of his pontificate, which several thousand people from all over the world attended.

Shouts of "Long live the pope," "This is the youth of the pope," "We love you" sounded through the square, where several thousand young Spaniards and Latin Americans had gathered to await the pontiff's arrival.

The audience was held on a sunny morning, although there were some threatening clouds in the area, too.

Pope Francis rode around the square in the uncovered popemobile and, just as in the first few days of his pontificate, he kissed children and greeted the numerous faithful who were present.

Wednesday is the day of the week on which traditionally popes have met with the faithful who are visiting the Vatican.

During the audience, the pope devotes his homily to a theme he considers to be of interest and afterwards he usually gives a summary of it in different languages and greets those present in those languages.