Carl Honore says society does not value the important things in life

Barcelona, Apr 1 (EFE).- "We live in a society that prioritizes what is urgent rather than what is important and in which we must recover traditional virtues like patience, humility and togetherness," journalist Carl Honore, one of the fathers of the Slow Movement, said in an interview with Efe.

The Slow Movement is a reaction against the hustle and bustle that characterizes today's society, and proposes making a conscious use of time, enjoying each activity at the pace it requires rather than rushing to do everything all at once.

A journalist and graduate in History and Italian Language from the University of Edinburgh, though a resident of London, Honore, born in 1967, has just published in Spanish "La Lentitud como Metodo" (Slowness as a Method), a view of the "slow cooking" method used by some outstanding global companies to resolve their problems.

"I'm not a fundamentalist, nor do I go through life at the speed of a tortoise - I simply make quality my priority over quantity, and instead of looking for what is fastest, I look for the best that can be achieved with calm, quality and caring," Honore said in an impeccable Spanish with an Argentine accent.