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Univ. of Puerto Rico finance chief resigns after falling victim to scam


San Juan, Apr 2 (EFE).- The head of finances at the University of Puerto Rico resigned after a scammer bilked the institution out of $150,000, UPR President Miguel Muñoz said Tuesday.

Edwin Reyes decided to leave the university because he felt "very responsible" for the outlay, which was done with three checks of $50,000 each, though payment was finally stopped when certain irregularities were discovered.

Muñoz, who met with the finance committee of the UPR Board of Trustees to analyze the matter, said that Reyes resigned of his own accord.

The UPR president said that he himself never considered resigning over the incident, though he was the person who first took the scammer's call, which he then passed to the head of finances.

Muñoz said last week that the con man pretended to be Puerto Rico's public affairs secretary, Jorge Colberg.

The swindler told Muñoz that the UPR was going to receive $15 million from the government, although for that to occur the institution first had to submit three checks for $50,000 each to cover administrative expenses.

Media reported the existence of a scheme in Puerto Rico in which individuals pose as members of the government to tell mayors and other public officials that they will receive millions of dollars in allocations on condition that they make previous payments to cover administration costs.