Woman sets fire to, kills would-be rapist in India

New Delhi, Apr 3 (EFE).- A woman set fire to and killed the man who had tried to rape her in the northern Indian city of Patna, a police official told Efe on Wednesday.

Muttafique Ahmad said that the incident occurred Tuesday night after the man "entered the woman's house drunk and tried to sexually abuse her."

After the attempted rape, the 45-year-old man fell asleep and the woman took advantage of the situation to remove her sari, douse it with kerosene, set fire to it and throw it at her attacker.

Then she left the house, shutting it up tightly behind her.

The woman "lived alone because she was a widow," and the man - who was identified as Bhola Thakur and was said to have a criminal record - died from asphyxiation, Ahmad said.

The incident comes amid a wave of complaints about sexual abuse being published daily in the Indian press since the gang-rape and subsequent death of a young woman last December in New Delhi, an incident that revealed the overall defenselessness of women in the South Asian nation.