Mexican police thwart plot to kill lawmakers

Mexico City, Apr 4 (EFE).- Several people were arrested here Thursday on suspicion they planned to kill two leftist legislators, the Mexican Attorney General's Office said.

The purported targets of the plot were brothers Ricardo and David Monreal, prosecutor Mariana Benitez told the media.

Ricardo, a member of the lower house of Congress, managed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's unsuccessful presidential campaign last year, while brother David is a senator affiliated with the Labor Party.

The suspects were detained early Thursday at a capital hotel after intelligence work uncovered the alleged assassination plot, Benitez said.

The information indicated that "a group of people traveled to Mexico City armed, with the goal of attacking the lives of the legislators," the prosecutor said, reading from a statement.

Authorities immediately informed the Monreal brothers about the potential threat and provided them with "all the security instruments necessary to protect their (physical) integrity," Benitez said.

Police seized weapons and communications gear from the suspects, she said.

"In their first statements, they accepted that they were indeed in Mexico City to effect the murders of the lawmakers," the prosecutor said.

Benitez declined to answer questions from reporters.