Spanish royals embrace inclusion in new transparency law

Madrid, Apr 5 (EFE).- Spain's royal household began talks with the government two months ago to formalize its submission to the new transparency law on terms similar to those applicable to Parliament and the judiciary.

Royal household sources consulted by Efe said Friday that it was the royal family itself that asked to be included in the new transparency law.

In that regard, Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria confirmed Friday that the royal household "expressed from the very first moment its wish to find a formula to include it under that law."

Sources in the main opposition Socialist Party considered "very positive" the royal household's decision to accept inclusion within the scope of that law.

In her regular press conference following Friday's Cabinet meeting, Saenz de Santamaria noted that since the royal household is not a public administration, it must be included "in a similar way or with equivalent treatment" as other state institutions such as Parliament and the judiciary.

Though the deputy prime minister did not specify how the "particular features" characterizing the royal household will be adapted to the new statute, she did say that its economic regime is determined by Spain's 1978 Constitution.

"We must adjust the content of the transparency law to (the royal household's) particular circumstances and to what the Constitution itself indicates," she said.