Writer Rosana Ubanell tackles first love in her second novel

Madrid, Apr 7 (EFE).- Rosana Ubanell, in her second novel, "Perdido en tu piel" (Penguin), tells the story of two lovers who meet again after 30 years without any news of each other and mixes that "unique first love, without barriers" with a story of suspense and secrets that takes place, among other locations, in New York, Marbella and Mexico.

"Everyone remembers their first love as unique, a love without barriers to which you give yourself completely, because you don't know the damage it can produce for you," Ubanell told Efe.

Adan and Eva are two lovers who meet in the 1980s in the area near Tampico, Mexico, and who, 30 years later, meet up again via the Internet.

Ubanell said she got the idea for her novel from her three children, all of whom are "at the age of first love," but as she was writing it she mixed that with a story of intrigue and murders, since she defines suspense as her "basic literary line."

"Volver a morir," Ubanell's first novel, told the story of a Cuban detective in Miami.

Although both books are suspenseful, the author describes that first work as "more ironic," while in "Perdido en tu piel" there is "more variety of feelings."

Ubanell says that she had intended to publish her novels in Spain, but after a "lost year" of attempts, she finally got the U.S. Penguin publishing house to get her books on the market.

"The publishing world there is more like a company: it's yes or no, you're worth it or you're not worth it," Ubanell said.

The writer is currently working on several projects, including a sequel to her first novel, which she wants to make into a trilogy and of which a production company is preparing a pilot episode that could become a television series.