Julio Iglesias gathers 45 yrs of his career on new album

Miami, Apr 8 (EFE).- Julio Iglesias this week will release a new album gathering the biggest hits from his 45-year career, saying that he has "traveled through life, singing with everyone and learning from everyone."

"I've traveled through life," said the artist calmly, adding that he had sung about human concerns. "It doesn't bother me if I've sung them well or badly; I (interpreted) them and I sang them," he said, adding that "the negative part of my life, the criticism, the intrigues - I've overcome them."

Thus did the 69-year-old artist summarize his career as one of the 10 best-selling singers in history in an interview with Efe last February in Miami with an eye toward the release on Tuesday, April 9, 2013, of his first album since 2006.

"I'm living happily here," he said before traveling to Asia, where he is currently on tour to promote "1- Greatest Hits," which hits the market with recently-recorded versions of some of his most popular numbers.

Overall, Iglesias holds the Guinness record for the Latino artist who has sold the most albums worldwide.

The double album contains 37 songs in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese, including duos with music greats like Willie Nelson, Sting, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder and Art Garfunkel, among others.

"When you join your voice with an artist like Sinatra or Placido (Domingo), you're fascinated. It's an occasion on which to learn. I've always learned from those who play it better than I," he said, adding that he never feels tired.

"My arms, my legs hurt me, yes," he admitted, "but I don't like to go to sleep. I like to wake up. I'm (watching) everything, I deeply live any circumstance that affects daily life."