Refinery fire to cut fuel production at Argentina's YPF by 7 pct

Buenos Aires, Apr 10 (EFE).- Fuel production at YPF, the oil company controlled by the Argentine state following the expropriation of a 51 percent stake from Spain's Repsol, could drop 7 percent due to a fire at its refinery in the city of La Plata, CEO Miguel Galuccio said.

The refinery's Coke A unit is offline following a fire last week during the floods in La Plata, located 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Buenos Aires, Galuccio said.

The heavy rains that hit the city caused "an increase in the levels of liquids that exceeded storage capacity and caused the loss of containment of hydrocarbons in effluent treatment unit No. 9, with the consequent entry of fuel into the Coke A unit," the YPF chief said.

"The fire spread across nearly the entirety of this industrial complex's installations and, partially, to the adjacent Topping C unit," Galuccio said.

YPF plans to build a new coke unit to replace the damaged one, requiring an $800 million investment, the CEO said.