Poll: Vast majority of undocumented Latinos want citizenship

Washington, Apr 15 (EFE).- Nearly nine in 10 Hispanic undocumented immigrants would apply for U.S. citizenship if given the opportunity, according to a Latino Decisions survey released Monday.

Latino undocumented immigrants "have deep roots in America, with strong family and social connections to U.S. citizens" and are "very integrated into the American fabric," Latino Decisions said.

The firm interviewed 400 Latino undocumented immigrants and found that 85 percent of them have a relative who is a U.S. citizen.

Most of those interviewed - 77 percent - said they immigrated in search of a "better economic opportunity, or to create a better life for their family."

Latino Decisions published its results the day before the bipartisan "Gang of Eight" in the Senate is to introduce an immigration reform bill on Tuesday to legalize the status of the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants estimated to be living in the United States.

The plan would give temporary legal status to immigrants who fulfill certain requisites, who after 10 years could obtain permanent residency and in another three could apply for U.S. citizenship.

Two-thirds of those interviewed said they were "more optimistic" that this time immigration reform will be approved, while 87 percent said that if the law is changed to create a process that would eventually allow them to seek citizenship, they would apply for it.