Bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordoñez to wed again

Madrid, Apr 17 (EFE).- Spanish bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordoñez plans to wed a young attorney, Lourdes Montes, at a Sept. 14 ceremony where the matador's daughter by his first marriage will act as matron of honor.

According to what was confirmed exclusively to the magazine Hola!, the couple will wed in a civil ceremony because Rivera has not obtained a church nullification of his first marriage to Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, mother of 13-year-old Cayetana.

Rivera and Montes will be married in an intimate ceremony in the southern town of Ronda, on the central square of which the ashes of the bullfighter's grandfather, Antonio Ordoñez, were scattered.

The matador said that he is "crazy in love with Lourdes" and that he loves her "way of being" and the relationship she has established with Cayetana.

Montes, 29, said that she would have liked to have a church wedding, but she added that "the really important thing is who you're marrying and the hope with which you take that step."

The matador said goodbye to the bullring in October 2012, and over Christmas - when asked if he was planning to get married again soon - he said it was possible that he might do so this year.