Greenpeace blames pesticides for decline in honey bees

Geneva, Apr 18 (EFE).- Greenpeace activists scaled the headquarters of Swiss chemical company Syngenta AG in Basel to protest use of pesticides that affect the health of honey bees and have led to a decline in bee colonies.

The environmental activists unfurled a banner during Wednesday's protest that read "Syngenta Pesticides Kill Bees!" and called for a ban on the toxic products.

"To fight the loss of these insects that are essential to pollination, it is vital to completely prohibit pesticides that are harmful to them, especially thiamethoxam," Greenpeace said in a statement.

"Syngenta prefers to stick to its logic of profits, instead of protecting the bees, the environment and public health," the environmental group said.

The drop in bee numbers has been caused by plagues, disease, climate change, loss of biodiversity, industrial agricultural practices and increased use of pesticides, Greenpeace said.

The European Commission announced on March 19 that it would try to impose a ban on July 1 on the use of peticides that affect bees in the European Union.