Death toll from China quake rises to 186

Beijing, Apr 21 (EFE).- The death toll from the magnitude-7 earthquake that hit the central Chinese province of Sichuan has risen to 186 with the finding of dozens of bodies in the ruins on Sunday, while 11,393 people were injured and at least 21 are missing, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The great majority of the dead were killed Saturday in the municipal area of Yaan, where the quake occurred, specifically in the Lushan district, where the epicenter was located.

The temblor damaged about 100 structures designated as part of the country's cultural heritage in the area where the same fault line is located that five years ago produced a magnitude-8 quake that killed 90,000 people, officials said.

In the remote Baoxing district, which has been cut off by the quake, 26 people are confirmed dead and 2,500 injured, top district official Ma Jun told Xinhua.

The Longmen fault zone, a small portion of the larger area of friction between the Indian and Asian tectonic plates, since 1900 has registered 12 earthquakes exceeding magnitude-5, the worst of which struck Wenchuan in 2008.