Cubans have access to info beyond gov't "pablum," dissident says

Madrid, Apr 22 (EFE).- Cuban blogger and activist Yoani Sanchez said Monday that a lot of true information about her country's social and political realities is available to Cubans who are fed up with the "pablum" the regime dishes out.

Sanchez took part Monday in a meeting organized by professionals from the realm of social networks and online communities, where she revealed her experiences as writer of the Generacion Y blog, through which she shares her view of the situation in Cuba and which has won her numerous awards, widespread recognition and followers in their tens of thousands.

The blogger has been traveling for several weeks to different countries after finally being granted a permit to leave Cuba.

"This is the trip of my life, one that's making up for the past, because now I'm accepting invitations that I've had to turn down for five years because of 20 refusals by the government to give me a visa," Sanchez said.

She said that just as Cubans are creative and clever when it comes to finding milk and meat, they are no less clever when it comes to getting the real news, which circulates in the country "at vertiginous speed."

"There's a lot of news and ideas. There are people who make independent audiovisuals, many bloggers, young Cubans fascinated by technology," said Sanchez, who believes "an alternative movement is being created that is challenging the information monopoly" of the authorities.