Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez thanks Spanish lawmakers for support

Madrid, Apr 24 (EFE).- Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez visited the lower house of the Spanish Parliament on Wednesday and praised the "solidarity" of Spanish lawmakers with the Cuban people and with the struggle for democracy by the island's civil activists and dissidents.

Sanchez met with representatives of the lower house's Foreign Affairs Committee, with the exception of members of the United Left, or IU.

The human rights activist said she regretted not being able to speak with members of the IU because she is a person "without a defined ... ideological line" who is trying to move in "many (political) spectra."

After insisting that she would have liked to speak with the IU on "some important matters regarding Cuba," Sanchez thanked the other parliamentary groups for being willing to meet with her.

Sanchez thanked the lawmakers for their "ability to listen and being up to date" about what is occurring on the communist island.