72 Survive 3 days under ruins in Bangladesh

New Delhi, Apr 26 (EFE).- At least 72 people were rescued alive Friday from the ruins of a building in Bangladesh that collapsed two days ago and which, according to the latest count, has caused the death of 304 people.

In all, 2,044 people have been recovered from the remains of the building that collapsed near the capital, Dhaka, and which housed several textile factories, stores, a bank and a market, The Daily Star said, citing Bangladeshi army spokesman Shahinur Islam.

The number of dead and injured could continue to rise, since some 4,000 workers might have been in the building at the time it collapsed, an official of the National Garment Workers Association told Efe.

According to a list drawn up by police based on reports made by relatives of the missing, some 595 people could still be under the rubble.

Authorities accused the factory owners of ignoring the cracks that appeared in the building on Tuesday, the day before the catastrophe.

Thousands of textile workers poured into the streets of Dhaka and nearby towns on Friday to demand the arrest of the owners of the building and of the five factories located inside it.

The protests turned violent with clashes between demonstrators and police, while some angry workers set fire to the textile workshops and destroyed another four factories and about 100 cars.

The disaster shows once again the dismal conditions that workers suffer in the South Asian country's textile workshops, which supply western multinationals.

According to NGWA figures, over the past 15 years some 600 people died and 3,000 were injured in fires and collapses in textile factories.