Chef Ferran Adria to reveal creative process in NYC exhibit

New York, Apr 26 (EFE).- Ferran Adria, the man behind El Bulli, hailed as the world's finest restaurant, will offer a glimpse of his creative process in an exhibit set to open here in January 2014.

Adria's sketches of some of his culinary masterpieces will appear at a gallery in New York's SoHo neighborhood.

"With this exposition of drawings I will explain to people that this business of creating doesn't just come out, but rather it has a process of work behind it," the acclaimed chef told Efe.

Adria is in New York to attend an auction at Sotheby's of wines and equipment from El Bulli, which closed its doors in 2011.

The proceeds from the sale will go toward the El Bulli Foundation, Adria's project to promote culinary excellence and innovation.

The chef bubbled with enthusiasm about next year's exhibit of drawings that show how to prepare dishes "which make people happy."

"Food has a great force to create happiness. In the kitchen at El Bulli, we made people happy," Adria said.

While he has no plans to open a restaurant in the Big Apple, the chef said that if his brother and business manager Albert Adria decides to come to New York, he will accompany him.

"We would only do it if it contributes something and if it could be important to assist and bolster Spanish gastronomy," Ferran Adria said.

The first auction of items from El Bulli, held April 2 at Sotheby's in Hong Kong, raised $1.8 million for the El Bulli Foundation, including the $25,000 one bidder paid to have dinner with Adria.

"I don't think dining with me is the most interesting thing. You have to see it as a donation to the foundation," the chef said.