Nadal: Cheats need to be identified, scorned

Madrid, May 3 (EFE).- Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal said here Friday in the wake of the sentence handed down in Spain's Operation Puerto doping trial that cheaters should be identified so they can "receive the scorn" of the rest of the sporting community.

"I think it's a mistake that they didn't release the names of those who cheated because at least they should receive the scorn of the rest of the athletes and feel ashamed before all of society, but that's not what happened" in the case, Nadal said at a promotional event for South Korean automaker Kia Motors, one of his sponsors.

"Now we have to keep moving forward, working so that sport is 100 percent clean and hope that cases like this one don't happen again in the future," Nadal said.

Eufemiano Fuentes, a Spanish sports physician, was given a one-year suspended jail sentence Tuesday for endangering public health after being convicted of providing cyclists with performance-enhancing blood transfusions.

He was also barred from practicing sports medicine for four years.

But the Madrid judge in the case, Julia Santamaria, has come under heavy criticism for ordering that bags of blood and plasma seized from Fuentes be destroyed pending any appeals.

Unless the judge's decision is overturned on appeal, it will prevent officials from identifying the Spanish doctor's clients.

Fuentes had testified during the trial that his clients included athletes in other sports such as tennis, soccer, boxing and track and field, but he did not identify them.

"I'm no one to judge. A decision was made and all I can do is give my opinion, which is that the ruling isn't positive for anyone. The only ones who benefit are the those who cheated and I think it's wrong that that happened in such a serious case that damages the image of sport in general and in this case of Spanish athletes," Nadal said.