Venezuelan sportswriter killed in robbery

Caracas, May 3 (EFE).- Venezuelan sportswriter Jhonny Gonzalez was shot and killed in the wee hours Friday while leaving the building where the sports daily Lider has its headquarters, apparently for resisting a robbery, the publication said.

Lider said on its Web site that Gonzalez was killed around 2:00 a.m. when leaving to work a night shift at the Cadena Capriles building in downtown Caracas.

Several individuals in a car and on a motorcycle apparently intercepted the journalist with intention to rob him and fired three shots. Gonzalez died in the car.

Journalists do not escape the situation of violence in Venezuela, a country with one of the highest murder rates in the region with 55 homicides for every 100,000 inhabitants.

The Public Space organization denounced a 50 percent increase in cases of attacks on freedom of expression in Venezuela so far this year, and a 20 percent increase in 2012 over 2011.