Alleged Israeli attack on Syrian positions raises regional tension

Cairo, May 5 (EFE).- The bombardment of military installations near Damascus, supposedly carried out by Israeli warplanes, on the weekend raised tensions throughout the region, and Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoabi said that the strikes "open the door to all possibilities."

At least three military positions were targeted in the attacks, which killed and injured numerous civilians and caused great destruction, according to the version released by the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

Damascus acknowledged that one of the sites attacked was the Yamaraya military research center outside the capital, while the rebel forces opposing the regime of Bashar al-Assad said that there were other targets as well.

The spokesman for the Free Syrian Army, Qasem Saadedin, told Efe that the attack hit three military barracks belonging to the elite Republican Guard, a Scud missile silo in Maareba and another missile installation housing Iranian Fateh missiles in Qudsiya, along with other sites.

Meanwhile, Israel is maintaining its silence regarding the attack and is remaining on alert for possible armed strikes from whatever quarter.

This latest bombardment comes after last Friday another rocket attack in Syrian territory - for which Israel has also refused to take responsibility - hit a weapons convoy apparently taking missiles to a Damascus ally, the Hezbollah Shiite rebel group in Lebanon.

The Assad regime has cooperated with Iran for some time now in supplying weapons to Hezbollah, which supports the Syrian army in its effort to suppress the rebels.