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Brazil tries to deal with the downside of a record harvest


Sao Paulo, May 6 (EFE).- Brazil is expected to have another record grain harvest in 2013, according to forecasts, but the South American country's agricultural success is being tempered by the problems caused by limited infrastructure for handling its bumper crops.

Highways and ports are being overwhelmed by the record grain harvest due to the deficiencies in export infrastructure, generating losses for different parties involved in the business.

Brazil had a grain harvest of 161.9 million tons in 2012 and is expected to shatter that record this year, with analysts projecting a harvest of 181.3 million tons, up 12 percent from last year, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, or IBGE, said.

The record agricultural output has led to clogged roads around Santos, a port city in Sao Paulo state, with trucks lining up for hours to reach the terminals, Efe confirmed.

The delays have cost shipping agents $57.5 million since January, the Sao Paulo State Association of Maritime Agents, or Sindamar, said.

The other big losers are average citizens, who must contend with gridlock and roads clogged with trucks.