Man vandalizes exhibit in China's Forbidden City

Beijing, May 6 (EFE).- A 22-year-old man vandalized an exhibit in Beijing's Forbidden City, casting fresh doubt on the security procedures in place at one of China's main museums.

The incident occurred on Saturday, when the suspect, who was later arrested, hit and broke with his bare hand one of the protective windows at the exhibit, causing an 18th-century clock to fall to the floor and be damaged, China Daily reported Monday.

Police did not provide the name of the man, but they said that he came from the central province of Hubei, and the museum administration emphasized at a press conference that it would increase the number of security cameras - and there are currently thousands of them - and monitoring in the exhibit rooms.

The attack was staged in a room called the Palace of the Blessings of Mother Earth, which in the imperial epoch was where concubines were housed.

The clock was built in England and presented to the emperors of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), who were great collectors of these Western mechanisms.

The Global Times noted on Monday that this is not the first case to bring scrutiny to the failures in the security system at the museum. In May 2011, nine valuable items were stolen from the museum, after which the museum director was fired.