Castro's daughter advocates U.S.-Cuba dialogue

Havana, May 7 (EFE).- The daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro said here Tuesday that the people and government of Cuba want dialogue with Washington and to normalize relations "without conditions," a message she said she repeated on her recent visit to the United States.

"The revolution has always been ready for dialogue in order to normalize relations between Cuba and the U.S., respectful relations without conditions being imposed. That has been the message of the government and it is the desire of the Cuban people and of the people of the United States," Mariela Castro told reporters.

"We can have different political systems but we can coexist respectfully in harmony, and besides we have many challenges in common that we could deal with together - that's why I said that together we can change the world," she said.

Mariela Castro, a lawmaker and director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education, or Cenesex, returned to Havana Monday after a working visit to Philadelphia, where she attended a meeting of the Equality Forum focused on the status of LGBT people in Cuba.

"I took part in the opening of the gay parade in Philadelphia and this was my message: "Together we can change the world, and in that sense we are going to work on this alliance," said Castro, who also visited New York.

During her stay in the United States, she called on activists to participate in Anti-Homophobia Day in Cuba, which "many people" from Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco are expected to attend next year.

Mariela Castro made her statement at a press conference about the inauguration this week of Cuba's 6th Anti-Homophobia Day, considered the most important event in the struggle for LGBT rights on the island.