Interpol agents not missing in northern Mexico, state officials say

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, May 9 (EFE).- The government of the northern state of Chihuahua denied reports Thursday that three Interpol agents and a Mexican law enforcement officer were missing.

"No police officers disappeared in Chihuahua," Gov. Cesar Duarte said in a statement released by his press office.

The four law enforcement agents supposedly disappeared while performing "intelligence work" in the state, a Chihuahua Attorney General's Office official told Efe on condition of anonymity.

Media outlets in Chihuahua reported Duarte's statements on the case and contacts with the federal government to obtain additional information.

"At no time did I confirm the disappearance of Interpol agents," Duarte said Thursday.

"It was a rumor that started to make the rounds, it was made official by some media outlets and, due to a question posed to me yesterday, it was stated that I made it official, and that is absolutely false," the governor said.

The AG's office said two groups of police officers arrived in the state to "perform tasks related to Interpol and extradition," the Chihuahua state government said.

"One of the groups completed its work and returned to the country's capital, while the other continues working," the state government said.